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We all want to keep our shoes looking as new as possible for as long as we can. Here's some simple tips to help do just that.

Shoe Care

1. The majority of the shoes in our collection have a leather sole. In typical British wet weather we need to be mindful that leather is a natural porous product. To maximise the longevity of shoes we recommend fitting a fine half rubber sole if it's not already.

2. Don't leave shoes by radiators or other sources of heat to 'dry out' as this can result in making the leather stiff. Always leave them to dry naturally and insert a shoe tree or simple newspaper works too.

3. Every now and then the top pieces on heels need replacing. We advise you do this before they are too worn down as this makes it harder to repair. 

4. Remember that every shoe we sell is handmade. They need looking after like any other part of our wardrobe. Take care by using natural or tinted shoe polish to nourish the leather every now and then. 

5. Suede - if you only do one thing remember to spray with a suede protector before you wear them. And, to maintain them thereafter try a little brushing once in a while to keep the suede free of dust and grime. Try using a little suede/nubuck brush to gently brush/massage the leather free of dirt.

6. Patent - a damp cloth little and often will help keep the brilliant shimmer.

Bag Care

1. Easier said than done, but try not to over fill your bag as it can lose its shape. 

2. If it gets wet, much like shoes leave it to dry naturally - stuffing with newspaper can help too.

3. Everything is handmade so please be gentle.