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What’s Your Trainer Personality?

We are still living for our SS21 trainer collection - it really is our best ever. And the beauty is that there is a perfect match for everyone. Whether you prefer to fabulously stand out from the crowd or keep things a bit more muted, we promise you’ll find a trainer you love - and we can’t guarantee that you won’t fall in love with more than one!

So, in true 90s magazine quiz style and just for a bit of fun (there’s zero science involved here!), answer the questions below to discover your trainer personality.


What is your go to outfit for the big food shop? 

A. Loungewear - it’s all about the comfort.

B. Jeans, favourite top and my makeup on point - you never know who you’re going to bump into.

C. Dress to impress - those supermarket aisles are my catwalk!

You’re in a bar post-Covid. Where will we find you? 

A. Cosied up in the booth with a glass of wine.

B. Chatting to a stranger in the toilets telling them how much you love their style.

C. On the dance floor throwing your best moves. 

What are you most likely to order in your local coffee shop?

A. Fruit tea.

B. Soya late with one sugar.

C. Hot chocolate with the cream and marshmallows.

What’s your Whatsapp convo style?

A. Just a few group chats on the go. I’ll reply when I can.

B. I like to create groups & lead the conversation - did you see that episode of Australia’s Married at First Sight recently?!

C. I’m a meme queen. If I’ve seen something funny on Instagram I simply must share it with you!

What do you love to watch on TV?

A. Grand Designs

B. The Circle

C. Ru Paul’s Drag Race

So, how did you do? Add up your answers and find out below!

Mostly As - You are 0-105 Stan Chris White Poudre

You’re sophisticated, minimalist and a bit of an introvert. You used to prefer a Friday night takeaway and Netflix over a night out before we were all forced to do it on the regular with Covid. You care about quality, comfort and beautiful design. 

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Mostly Bs - You are D.A.T.E Court Pop Platinum pink

You’re a social butterfly. You’re always the first to organise the girls night Zoom chats and you’re itching for lockdown to end. You always make an effort with your style and you love experimenting with styles and colours. You’re the glue that holds your friends and family together, whilst still maintaining your own individuality. 

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Mostly Cs - You are D.A.T.E Hill Low Mint

You’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd and are the absolute life and soul of a party. More is more! You might have a few thousand followers on Instagram who love to see your daily looks and style. People remember you for your laughter and fun personality. 

As seen on @theturquoiseflamingo

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