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Introducing P448 Trainers

As you may know already, ‘Made The Edit’ is built on a love of beautifully made shoes and accessories from independent European brands, who have the same core values as we do. We love to support these amazing brands and one of our most recent is P448.

 P448 trainer

"P448 is an Italian footwear brand rooted in the belief that eclecticism, design innovation and experimentation lie at the heart of self-expression."

P448 trainers

They produce innovative designs crafted from the finest Italian leather, perfect for those who want to be bold and express themselves in colours and patterns.

p448 trainers

"P448 is based on the philosophy of ‘mixing and matching’. This ethos drives everything from the style aesthetics to the team DNA. The P448 family is a dynamic mix of master innovators and artisans for style pioneers who embrace boldness and embody a carefree yet collective consciousness."


All P448 trainers are handmade in Italy. Every step of the production process is executed with meticulous attention to detail. From the cutting of the leather, to the hand-stitching of the sole, every P448 design is engineered to achieve perfection in both form and function. They have an expert team of skilled artisans who are devoted to producing quality and comfort in both design and performance.

Go ahead and explore the new P448 SS22 Trainer collection HERE.

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