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Newness | Exclusive Spring Sneakers.

Yippee! New sneakers!

Forget the early year blues, here at Made the Edit (...and hopefully for you as well) this time of year is so exciting. Right now we are amidst the start of SS22, which is full of sparkling newness. That means it's our job to bring you the latest fun and vibrant sneakers for the Spring! 

This new season, funky and colourful sneakers are bang on trend, so here are a few trainers from our Spring edit that are ready and raring to be added to your basket!


P448 Jack Black Leopard Sneaker

Do you ever find that you don't want to buy a white trainer, but not completely black, but also not boring? If so then this trainer is the perfect sneaker to spring into 2022 with. It's perfect for when it's slightly cooler; they don't show every mark due to the black suede and cream sole. It's vibrant laces and metallic leopard back adds that extra edge, showing the world that you are ready for happy and sunnier days! If the bold laces aren't for you then don't worry they all come with plain grey ones too. 


0-105 Zero Cent Cinq Julia Pink Gold Trainer


Next up is our sneaker cult fave: Julia. You guys have always loved this youthful style and now 0-105 have designed them in metallic pink! It goes without saying we love pink and that these are one of our all time favourites. We can just imagine these being effortlessly worn with a white cotton dress, an oversized blazer, cute socks and sun-kissed legs (fingers crossed!).  Julia in contrast black stitching is also featured in our Spring edit this year, which is also super cool and on trend, although slightly more versatile...


 New Design Drop - Linea by D.A.T.E Sneakers


Yes that's right, D.A.T.E have released another new style of trainer. This is why we love them so much, they keep surprising us with new innovative designs, we hope that is also why you love them too! These Linea sneakers are so cute and cheerful. Animal print is always an easy staple and it elevates a slightly more plain outfit that may need a bit of spice. The casual line detailing (hence the name Linea) adds that touch of je ne sais quoi. These also come in lilac too, check them out here.


P448 Thea Shabby Platform Sneaker

The platform chunky trainer has been on trend for quite a while now, but is one that is here to stay for a long time. Not only does a chunky sneaker look cool but it adds a little height which is flattering and looks great with any look. Thea Shabby is a white staple sneaker but with a tropical python twist. These trainer will go with anything in your Spring/Summer wardrobe, the pop of colour will also bring your ootd from a 7 to a 10!


We have so many more to choose exclusive Spring sneakers here.


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